Superkids Marathon Club is a club for all kids and is suitable for any age and fitness level, and makes it possible for everyone to complete a marathon and earn nice rewards. And all kids from all corners of the world are welcome to join! READY-SET-GO!!

The participants will accumulate kilometers by running or walking to try to complete a marathon (42 km). Or more!!

1 km of running or walking = 1 km on the Superkids Activity Log. There are several free apps you can use to measure distance when running or walking such as Strava, Runtastic and Runkeeper.

Run a little at a time, one day at a time, and before you know it, you’ve gone farther than they ever dreamed of and completed a marathon. Every time you run or walk, fill in your activity log.

It’s super fun to watch the kilometers add up on the log and you’ll earn fun rewards from us at milestones along the way.

When you have completed a Marathon, you need to report that to us so we can send you well-deserved rewards and a new activity log so you can try to complete another marathon for more nice rewards. The more marathons you do, the higher up on the leaderboard you’ll go. You can report to us HERE.

Membership: It’s totally free to join and to become a member, and you’ll get an activity log and a certificate after every marathon you complete. For you who would like a little extra motivation, we have a Super membership which cost 400 kr/year and includes a Superkids T-shirt, medals, badges and other nice rewards along the way.

Read more about the registration HERE and you can sign up on this FORM.

We’re looking forward to see the progress you’ll do! For more information, please contact us at Good Luck!!